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Throughout North Carolina and across the country, DWI checkpoints have become more and more common. It is a tactic law enforcement uses to put fear in drunk driving and also as an effective tool in making DWI arrests. DWI checkpoint cases or any stop based on a checkpoint, has to meet certain criteria in order to be valid. The constitution of the United States does not allow for random stops, so the Supreme Court has come down with decisions that has given room for law enforcement officers to administer certain checkpoints. While a checkpoint may be a license checkpoint, it is also common for the officers to be looking for signs of impairment. Since checkpoints are not constitutional on their face, they have to meet certain exceptions to the Fourth Amendment. Many people think the law enforcement officers will never make mistakes with these types of situations, but that is not the case. At The Olsinski Law Firm we have experience handling DWI cases in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cabarrus, Union and Iredell Counties. We know that checkpoint procedure does not always match up with what is required.

A DWI/DUI attorney, one with experience handling checkpoint cases is important. Unlike other DWI arrests, checkpoints have a different criteria to meet and can cause other problems with the State's case against you. As with any DWI case, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who is going to fight your case and work to get you the best result possible. We focus our practice on litigation. When we receive a new DWI client, we tell them upfront, we are anticipating a hearing or a trial, and that this is the expectation they need to have for their case. Let our experience fighting these types of cases help guide you through the process. We offer a free consultation and payment plans in many scenarios. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in our Charlotte or Concord office today.

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