Field Sobriety Tests

When you are stopped by police officers and asked to take sobriety tests.

North Carolina Field Sobreity Tests

Field Sobriety tests are part of most DWI arrests. They occur after the stop and during the investigation part of the stop. Once an officer has reasonable suspicion that you have been drinking and driving, they will ask you out of the car for some tests. Field sobriety tests are all of the tests they have you perform, but for any alco-sensor or breath tests they do at the scene. Some field sobriety tests include, the finger dexterity test, the Romberg balance, finger to nose test, horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), Walk and Turn and the One leg stand test. While these are all field sobriety tests, there are other tests that are occasionally done as well. The main field sobriety tests are the One leg stand, Walk and Turn and the HGN. These three tests are particularly important because they are standardized field sobriety tests recognized with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their degree of accuracy.

The HGN test, according to the research done for NHTSA, is the most accurate test for telling impairment. If you were to fail 4 out of 6 clues, there is a 77% chance you are .10 or higher. Each test, if performed correctly carries a lot of weight with a judge and with a jury because there is research to back up the tests. We look at all the tests the officers perform to establish the probable cause to arrest you. That includes how they administered each test and is it in accordance with proper training. The standardized field sobriety tests are only an accurate indication of impairment, if administered by the officer correctly. Let one of our attorneys talk to you about these tests and develop a strategy to defend your charges.

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