Broken Bones

Broken Bones Can Be More Serious Than You Might Think

Suffering a broken bone at some point in our lives is not uncommon, especially during childhood. Because of that, we might tend to believe that a broken bone is really not a major concern. In truth, this type of injury can be debilitating and affect the rest of your life. Compound fractures and crushing injuries often require reconstructive surgery, along with the implantation of metal devices in our bodies for the purpose of regaining certain functions. In most cases, the injury never fully recovers. Broken bones can also lead to long-term problems with arthritis, requiring lifelong reliance on medication. Elderly persons who suffer broken bones require longer recovery time and usually never experience a 100% recovery. If you suffering from an accident that caused broken bones, you need a personal injury lawyer by your side to aggressively protect your rights and long-term interests.

The medical expenses for treating bones that are broken can be very expensive, especially if surgery is required. Long-term care can include physical therapy, additional surgery or even permanent disability if you are unable to return to work. Lost wages and medical bills can be overwhelming. It is important to remember that you do have rights and that The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC passionately believes in preserving those rights. Our personal injury firm has the proven track record you need to feel confident that you are being represented by a strong attorney. You can remain assured that your personal injury attorney will tenaciously seek the best results possible for you.

When you have broken one or more bones as a result of an accident, our personal injury firm can assist you in determining your options for seeking compensation. Call and schedule your free consultation today.

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